Who We Are

Tradition meets Innovation with a proven history of delivering success.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. Without it, we’re just another oil company.

Welcome to the Future of Oil !!! Euro green International Pvt. Ltd. is a conglomerate of Euro green International Fzc United Arab Emirates and has a combined experience of over 10 years of technical excellence in the lubricant and Management consultancy industry. The passion enthusiasm rooted in the basics makes Euro green international a success story.
Euro green international is scripted fantastically in order to be an integral Lube Processing facility with a prime focus on the following:
1. Manufacturing and packaging of various lubricating oils.
2. Manufacturing and packaging of greases.
3. Manufacturing of specialty products for special & diversified applications.
4. Manufacturing and Packing of Automotive Parts
5. Trading of Chemicals and other supplies to Industries and Govt. institutions
6. Solar Tech Solutions and system installations
7. Management consultancy in Technology innovations and Business Planning
8. Training and skill Development

Plant & Technology

The newly established Plant facility is located in United Arab Emirates.
The company was originally formed as Euro green international in August 2011. Latter, with growth in business, a blending plant was acquired in 2016.
Euro green international is a Private Limited Company, enjoying a very resourceful management in terms of education, experience, expertise, finance, relations, credibility & strongly committed to the pursuit of operational excellence.
The company has a team of experienced, qualified & dedicated professionals to efficiently manage its business functions including Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Production, Supply Chain, QA/QC, HR, IT and Finance.
Our employees & management work as a team & stand tall to cultivate the best and focus on achieving organizational goals by delivering a reliable supply of high-quality lubricants and providing technical application expertise to customers around the region.
The quality, agility & distinctive degree of hard work of our employees have been our greatest strength. We recruit individuals to attract, develop, and retain a premier workforce; actively foster a working environment where individual and cultural differences are respected and valued.
Our plant is semi automated, well equipped, and spacious, state of the art lubricant blending facility with high production capacity and sufficient storage space. It is anticipated to produce 35,000 MT of blended lubricants per annum. Our laboratory is equipped with latest instruments to support research and development activities. Due to this modern & well equipped laboratory we are able to produce high quality of products at reduced cost.
Moving ahead on the vision of forward integration, the company intends to penetrate throughout Pakistan market. In addition to this, we intend to make our own direct distribution base in Central Punjab, maintaining a reasonable inventory stored around the year to be marketed Ex-Stock.
Ultimately, we are a “One Stop Lubrication Supply” catering to all lubrication needs, our clients can look forward to efficient operations and processes in their area of expertise.

Our Strategy

  • We partner with Business associates and customers to design solutions in the most efficient way, always with a strong emphasis on people, objectivity, insight, and insourcing. We assist our clients to an in-source capability for independently driving business improvements.
  • We operate a model that enables us to ensure that every business associate benefits from the best senior expertise gained from each of their respective fields and that our customers get the best value for their money, enabling them to receive Top Quality products and top tier service at an exceptionally competitive price.
  • We Promote Local innovation solutions and Knowledge sharing to drive sustainable business development”

Our Assurance

  • Unique and innovative Products range with supreme quality.
  • Adherence to professional approach and promptness in service.
  • Ultimate care and friendly attention with personalized service to the customers.
  • Top priority to customer’s requirement and time constraints.

Where We Stand

EGI is a premier Private limited company specializing in providing Top quality innovative solutions in the areas of Lubrication, Liquid engineering, Solar Technology and Skills Development Trainings along with Management consultancy.
Our competency lies in building a culture of innovation across the enterprise, planning and deployment of strategic decisions that transcends from top management to the lowermost execution level, solving business problems efficiently at all stages of growth and helping them transform to leverage their own capabilities with changing market dynamics.
At EGI, we have team of highly qualified & experienced professionals who have served at renowned organizations in South East Asia & Middle East in different sectors including Oil & Gas, FMCG, Logistics & Warehousing, and Financial Services. Our partners bring with them a wealth of experience having held senior positions at top tier local & multinational companies. We also have collaborations with renowned local & international consulting gurus.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Respect

Our Differnetiation

  • Authentic Product Chain and Tested Quality
  • Wide range of unique Services
  • Best Value for Money
  • Local Market Knowledgebase
  • State of the art Tools, Machinery, and Best Practices

Our Solutions

Our solutions increase clients’ competitive advantage and our value comprises of:

  • TURNKEY SOLUTIONS that improve application reliability, lengthen re-lubrication, intervals, minimize unscheduled downtime, and reduce maintenance costs and so on.
  • EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE of our certified and experienced lubrication specialists. With us, clients can expect delivery of documented lubrication performance analysis through our inspections, lubrication training, seminars, workshops, troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis results and provision of trusted lubrication instructions.
  • LUBRICATION TECHNICAL SERVICES that help achieve applications’ peak performances by providing advance warning of abnormal conditions that could contribute to equipment or lubricant degradation.
  • SKILLS ENHANCEMENT AND COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that helps the personal and professional growth of employees

Our Certifications


  • International Organization for Standardization

Our Future

We may have a 10-year strong heritage in the lubricant sector, but we still maintain the youthful and fresh approach of a challenger brand. We’re going the extra mile to inspire loyalty and trust in our customers, partners, and employees. And as the world changes, we are agile and flexible enough to change too.

We have big ambitions for the future. By 2023 we will ;

  • Be recognized as a top 100 Asia downstream company within the oil industry – for value, volumes, earnings and brand recognition
  • Grow by an implementation of meaningful customer value propositions, combined with innovative product development and technical solutions
  • Double our manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Egi-branded products
  • Enhance the development of the branded network, in its journey of growth from its origins in UAE countries to more than 05 Countries.

We are going to have a well equipped, state of the art laboratory in Pakistan very soon at our proposed blending plant in Lahore.

We will achieve this by being flexible, reliable and responsive – driven by the needs of the many emerging economies. We will ensure that our customers – through our ability to add value to them – remain our priority.

We will nurture the passion of our employees and grow the talent in the Gulf Businesses. We will ensure we are responsible both to society and to the world in which we live. We provide the highest quality products and services to our clients by constantly focusing on our three core values, Quality, Endurance and Passion.

Contact Us

United Arab Emirates (Head Office)

Mr. Fuzail Ahmed (Executive Director)

 00968 99381009

 info@egiuae.com

  SM Office, 1324-A, C1 Block, Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, U.A.E.


Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (General Manager)

 042-35310957, +92 334 4804332


  162-C, Nawab Town, 1-Km Raiwind Road, Lahore.


 0065-6224-9252

 egi2021@gmail.com

 Office # 44-01A, one Raffles Place, Tower 1, Singapore 048616.

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